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Purposes Declared by the Institution

Thus, the Professional Institute Virginio Gómez at the end of the Planning horizon will be an important pillar of the country's educational development. Among its features is that of guiding its action on the principles of individual and social development that are inclines toward social and cultural transformation. For this, it rethinks the curriculum and promotes innovations which permit formative pertinence and considers the relevance of factors such as:
  • Current approaches to learning, integrating psycho-pedagogical and epistemological principles which take account of the construction of critical meaningful learning.
  • Balance between theory and practice, incorporating teaching strategies which enable the student to confront multidisciplinary situations in the professional field (link-up training - working field), in learning environments real or simulated.
  • Massification of higher education and income profile of students. At present, a relevant curriculum it is essential to consider the characteristics of students and the socio-cultural reality from which they come.
  • Generic skills to meet the challenge of educating for active participation in society and successful employability.
  • Specific skills that take account of labor market demands, the development of systemic thinking and prospective developments of the profession.
This view implies a culture of quality curriculum management and an organization such that permits the guiding of teaching in such a way that the link between the processes of training and the world of work is facilitated, and the contributions of the different curriculum rationalities are integrated.

Culture of Quality
The Instituto Profesional Virginio Gómez, by means of an appropriate organizational structure, will promote a mechanism for effective communication between managers, academics, administrators and the community, which contributes to the optimization and continuous improvement of its results and processes in order to meet those requirements that ensure the comprehensive formation of the student. To this end, it will tend to the creation and development of appropriate teaching conditions and encourage in the members of the educational community a culture of " documented acting " and continuous improvement in the results of management teaching processes, through the evaluation of management indicators.
Quality will be spoken of when there exists a harmonious functioning between each one of the elements that constitute the structure and organization of educational institutional tasks (principles and pedagogical administrative actions governing the formulation of regulations), for this reason, speaking of quality will in some ways be "qualifying" a good internal and external consistency between the constituent and organizational elements of the training system of the Institute ... Simply put, "do what you say your are going to do."