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Any institution of higher education, which in this new millennium and in globalized contexts, faces the challenge of forming people in a comprehensive manner, has to demonstrate a flexible attitude faced with the changes and demands being raised at a social, industrial and educational level. This attitude must be reflected in the Institutional Education Project.
The Institutional Education Project is the educational and conceptual reference which regulates the teaching initiatives of the Virginio Gómez Professional Institute. The project takes a particular educational stance regarding the characteristics of the professional to whose formation it contributes. Such a stance has to consider the new requirements that local and global contexts generate in terms of quality, development and education, which means that the students must not only develop those skills specific to their profession, but also those "generic" competencies that will ensure them a competent professional performance.

This need to train the human being with an integrative educational perspective, which inclines toward implementing new academic and professional practices and training experiences, implies re-conceptualizing educational-formational processes and closer links with the community and the productive sector.
The Educational Project of the Virginio Gómez Professional Institute integrates and ensures the precision of the Institutional Mission, through the definition of pedagogical principles that promote the implementation of strategies and actions that facilitate the transfer of knowledge to the future professional, and address the future demands of an evolving society characterized by the rapid advances in Science and Technology and the transformation of the business sector.
The impression that the Professional Institute Virginio Gómez, as a secular institution, intends to make on its graduates overlaps with its Vision and Mission, in which the concepts of social responsibility and commitment to quality acquire a significant and substantial role. To form professionals and technicians who permanently assess the consequences of their decisions for the environmental and society, and who competently respond to the needs of the country, is the purpose which will guide the formation in the Institution and is the fundamental orientation of this Educational Project, which is based on two central ideas: A teaching centered on critical, meaningful learning and collaborative contexts and a formation focused on achieving a competent performance in globalized and multidisciplinary contexts.