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Mission, Vision and Institutional Principles

The Virginio Gómez Professional Institute has as its Mission the training of professionals and technicians that meet the interests and requirements of the country in a global context, for which it must tend to the comprehensive formation of its students, developing curricula oriented towards the achievement of skills and give them a generic and specific training necessary for an adequate professional performance.

As to the abovementioned, the Professional Institute Virginio Gómez must act in a permanent way and with quality in the pursuit of the training of competent professionals and technicians, committed to the changes that the region and the country need. That is why, with a flexible, open and attentive attitude, the institution keeps its educational offering updated, and strengthens links with the productive and educational sectors.
The Institute assumes this commitment from the way it conceives learning and knowledge construction, which is thought of as a process that requires dialogue, discipline, analysis, consensus and decision-making responsibility.

Being recognized as one of the country's leading institutes for the consolidation of its careers, the employability of its graduates and the differentiating stamp it bestows on its students.

Institutional Principles
The Institute encourages the development of individuals, values, promotes and respects the diversity of human thought and aspires to the search for the common good.