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About Us

Virginio Gómez Professional Institute is an institution of higher education, autonomous, private, accredited, belonging to the Corporación Universidad de Concepción. It was created in 1988 under the tutelage of the Professional Education corporation Athena SA, since closed and constituted by a deed dated November 24, 1988, with the aim of preparing skilled professionals in careers in engineering and higher-level technical implementation.
It began its activities in the city of Los Angeles (Chile), for which purpose the Ministry of Education a year later granted the operating license by Decree N ° 69 of April 5, 1989, and its name is a tribute to Dr. Virginio Gómez, a leading doctor in Los Angeles and an important player in the founding of the University of Concepción.
The year 1990 the Conception-based campus was created by extending the free decree No. 69 dated January 10, 1990, and in 1994 an office in the city of Chillan was opened by an authorization issued by the Head of Division, Ministry of Higher Education as ORD. N ° 06/0178 dated January 31, 1994. Granted autonomy dated May 4, 1998, which was granted by a decree of the Ministry of Education 003994.
The Virginio Gómez Professional Institute was born as a way of maintaining the supply of professional and technical careers which the University of Concepción stopped imparting, as a consequence of following university guidelines and focusing their teaching activity on careers that have degrees and postgraduate programs as a requisite.
In the creation of the Institute, the purpose was to take advantage of the spare times available in the laboratories, workshops, libraries and sports facilities of the University and share them between this and the Institute by a General Cooperation Agreement. Therefore, the headquarters of the Institute are created in the same cities where the University of Concepción is headquartered, ie Concepción, Los Angeles and Chillán. This also initially allowed the sharing human resources.

However, the steady increase in the enrollment at the Institute generated the need for its own libraries, equipment and infrastructure. At present, the Institute has the resources necessary to carry out teaching and it also allocates a budget that allows for permanent annual investment to acquire new equipment, maintenance of same and the renewal of that which it has at present. Each site operates with a stable faculty, with the participation of part-time teachers from the University of Concepción and professionals from leading companies in the area also. The Institute maintains an existing Cooperation Agreement with the University of Concepción for the use of its sports facilities, laboratories in the technology area, extension, among others.

At present the Institute has 25,272 m2 built where there exist classrooms equipped with high technology and art laboratories, necessary for teaching. Its infrastructure is divided as follows:- the headquarters of the Institute in Concepción counts on 16,547 m2 built, in the seat of Los Angeles, there are 3,890 m2 built and the headquarters in Chillán, has 4,835 m2.
For the development of teaching, the Institute has its careers structured in five schools:

  • Industrial Technological School.
  • School of Management and Information Technology.
  • School of Construction and Risk Prevention.
  • School of Health.
  • School of Basic Sciences and Humanities.
Teaching, infrastructure and 25,272 m2 constructed, rank the Virginio Gómez Professional Institute as one of the leading institutions in the Bío Bío Region.